HD 90° High Volume Action Irrigation Filters

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HD 90° High Volume Filters

The HD 50, 100 & 150 offer high volume and low PSI loss for large systems. A thick schedule 80 PVC body, 90° configuration and stainless steel screen make this Action Filter tough and reliable. 
The most efficient and economical way to keep debris from clogging your irrigation lines, manifolds, sprinkler heads or zone valves is with a filter from Action Machining, Inc.


  • The HD offers the volume and low PSI loss for larger systems.

  • 3" Inlet & Outlet

  • 1 ½" Clean out

  • Schedule 80 PVC & 90° configuration

  • Water flows from the outside in for easier screen cleaning 

  • The HD can be installed in parallel to accomodate thos big jobs

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